conflict & communication online, Vol. 21, No. 2, 2022
ISSN 1618-0747




Jan Skrobanek & Solvejg Jobst
Researching ‘liquid integration’: breaking new ground for processual and contingent methodology

Although there has been a broad and controversial debate on the concept of integration in social science over the last couple of decades, the methodological debate on how to measure the processual, contingent side of integration is still in its infancy. This has become especially relevant against the background of newly introduced more dynamic and more contingent theoretical perspectives on integration. Against this backdrop, the paper sets out to critically reflect on the methodological implications of the liquid integration perspective. We argue for a practice research perspective regarding emic and etic idiosyncratic perceptions and understandings of integration in order to better research the processing and contingent side of temporally embedded integration processes and experiences and to invigorate critical reflection on methodological issues in researching integration.


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The authors:

Jan Skrobanek, Prof. Dr. habil, professor for Sociology in the Department of Sociology, University of Bergen, Norway. His research interests include ethnic identity, discrimination and ethnicization, agency, mobility and/or employment, as well as developments of transition patterns of vulnerable youth in a global perspective. Recent publications focus on young people’s agency, young migrant integration, educational inequality, international mobility, discrimination and ethnicization in the context of migration, religious orientations, and successful/precarious transitions from school to work.

Solvejg Jobst, Prof. Dr. habil. of education and academic leader of the PhD program ‘Studies of Bildung and pedagogical practices’ in the Faculty of Education, Arts and Sports at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Before this, she served as a professor for International and Intercultural Education Research at Magdeburg University in Germany. She publishes and does research on the teaching profession, intercultural/international education, social justice education and research methodology.