conflict & communication online, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2021
ISSN 1618-0747




Volker Schneider
Ernst Bloch's "New Mathesis" as vademecum for resistive activity

Resistance and commitment need orientation, because a rather common, heterogeneous discomfort does not suffice for the necessary fundamental change. The planetary boundaries are obvious, the perseverance of the “negative forces” permanently prevents a “real and relevant” reflection and action.
Commercial-accounting thinking and the technology, based on it, has the world under control. The enrolments in the brains transfer binary coding into unconscious thinking.
Ernst Bloch developed the concept of an open, unfinished matter within the framework of his “Ontology of Not-Yet” (Noch-Nicht-Sein). Our metabolism with nature on this planet and our social and economic orders have glaring flaws that create an urgent need for change and resistance. Bloch´s “New mathesis” provides the basis for the fundamentally new thinking required, which makes it possible to stop the existing destruction and to permanently guide the rebellious activities of an individual. It accompanies self-empowerment and binds theory inseparably to practice as an dialectical partner for resistant activity.



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The author:

Volker Schneider, born 1954, studied English, history, art history and philosophy, since 1982 entrepreneur and internationally active management consultant, long-time member and speaker of the Ernst Bloch Association. Fields of work: Brain research, epistemology, Leibniz, Hegel, Marx, Bloch's concept of substance. Project: New Mathesis
Address: Hofsteder Str. 29, D-44791 Bochum