conflict & communication online, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2021
ISSN 1618-0747




Katrin Ackerl Konstantin
Mapping the Unseen. An artistic research project

Mapping the Unseen is an artistic research project that uses performative interventions, participatory strategies to research the invisible and the unsayable. One of the main questions is: How can marginalized topics be made visible that are not visible in the urban, public sphere? This visualization refers to spaces of possibility that are to be evoked through artistic practices. In total, three thematic areas will be shown and explored in the research process. The utopian aspect here is the performative element itself, which is process oriented towards emergence, that unpredictability for future models of action that relate to performativity. The first topic is LGBTIQ. This article illustrates the visualisation and implementation of this topic and discusses theoretical references.


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The author:

Katrin Ackerl Konstantin, Mag. A., is an actress, director, and cultural scientist (cultural psychology). Main focus: Artistic research, performance, performativity, participation, performative social research. Queer feminist perspective. Currently: PHD- Interuniversity doctoral studies -science and art- at the University of Salzburg. Nationally and internationally active. Affiliation: University of Klagenfurt. Department of Human Resources, Leadership and Organization. Research associate. Research project: Mapping The Unseen (AR 444 GBL).