conflict & communication online, Vol. 18, No. 2, 2019
ISSN 1618-0747




Sandro Macassi
Conflict management through media: Contributory and partisan frames in socio-environmental conflict coverage

This article analyzes socio-environmental conflicts in Latin America through a conflict transformation lens, highlighting the contributory role of the media as a secondary- and third-party actor in dialogues that address intractable conflicts. This article reviews journalistic coverage of war indicators posited by Johan Galtung, and modified indicators by Lynch and McGoldrick, finding that indicators require further adaptation to analyze socio-environmental conflicts. Using frame theory, this work developed indicators for contributory frames and for the partisan frames. With those indicators the author analyzed the regional and national media and the stages of conflict cycle in three socio-environmental conflicts in Peru.


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The author:
Mg. Sandro Macassi is a doctorate student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Perú, with a specialization in communication and conflict prevention from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University and from the Faculty of International Communication of the Complutense of Madrid.
For over three decades, Macassi has researched communications in academia and applied practice. He is the author of books and academic articles concerning the politics of youth and the analysis of media and conflict prevention. Furthermore, he has been the consultant of the PNUD, OPS, Chemonics Inc., BID, World Bank, SNV (Dutch cooperation service), and various governmental institutions. He performed as director of the Centre of Investigation of the Calandria Association and sub-director of the Institute of Public Opinion of the PUCP and teaches in the University Cayetano Heredia, UARM, and the University of ESAN.