conflict & communication online, Vol. 15, No. 2, 2016
ISSN 1618-0747




Marta Natalia Lukacovic
Peace journalism and radical media ethics

The radical characteristics of peace journalism position it as a model that expands the current understandings of normative media theory. Peace journalism echoes the most innovative calls of media ethicists, such as the proposition of radical media ethics. This idea asserts the necessity to expand media ethics to better fit the globalized and democratized media landscape, which is enabled by contemporary new media technologies. Essentially a global shift, among professionals as well as regular citizen-communicators, should advance towards conflict sensitivity in order to transcend the culturally violent elements of covering conflicts. Similar efforts will bring numerous challenges, however, these efforts are tremendously worthwhile with their potential to assist the creation of more peace-prone global societies.


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The author:
Marta Natalia Lukacovic is T. C. Rumble Fellow and doctoral candidate at the Department of Communication, Wayne State University in Detroit, United States of America. Her research focuses on political communication and digital media; specifically user-generated online content in connection to framing, peace/war journalism and security/securitization. She has presented her research at a number of regional, national, and international conferences.

Address: Marta N Lukacovic, Department of Communication – Wayne State University, 585 Manoogian Hall, Detroit, MI, 48201, United States of America.

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