conflict & communication online, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2012
ISSN 1618-0747




Sanem Şahin & Susan Dente Ross
The uncertain application of peace journalism: The case of the Turkish Cypriot press

Using the press in North Cyprus as a focal case, this research explores the application of peace journalism’s philosophical and practical formulations in journalistic cultures that diverge from Western mainstream journalism. Turkish Cypriot journalism highlights those divergent traits that peace journalism needs to consider more carefully if the paradigm is to offer effective reform of journalism practices in this and similar contexts. Focusing on the on-going peace negotiations aimed at reuniting the island as a bi-zonal and bi-communal federation, this study suggests several obstacles to the implementation of peace journalism as a means to enhance the quality of news coverage and the role of the press in promoting rapprochement and mutual understanding between the communities of Cyprus.


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On the authors:
Sanem Şahin, b. 1970, PhD in Communication and Media Studies (University of Westminster, 2008). Currently the Peace Studies Fellow at University of Calgary; Fulbright Scholar and co-author of ‘Media Narratives, Politics and the Cyprus problem’ (PRIO, 2010). Research interests include news media and national identity, the news media's role in conflict resolution and journalism in North Cyprus..

Susan Dente Ross,
b. 1954, PhD in Mass Communication and Media Law (University of Florida, 1996); Professor, English, Washington State University (1996- ); Fulbright Scholar and Peace Studies Fellow at various academic institutions in Canada, Cyprus, Greece, and Israel. Most recent books, co-author/editor of Images that Injure, 3d ed. (Praeger, 2011) and The Law of Journalism & Mass Communication, 3d ed. (CQ Press/Sage, 2011).