conflict & communication online, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2009
ISSN 1618-0747




Xiufang Li (Leah) & Naren Chitty
Reframing national image: A methodological framework

The article addresses the role of national images in international relations and develops a methodological framework for its study. It concludes that national image study should comprise private frames associated with perceived images of other nations, and public frames referring to projected media images of other nations by drawing on framing theory. It suggests that in-depth interview with intermediate elites can be employed to explore private frames, and the inductive or the deductive approaches to public frames. There is recognition that inquiry is conducted in the shadow of a dynamic world politics and within a historical context, and public diplomacy can be used to build national reputation. To examine the associations between public and private frames of a given country will prepare the ways for the identification of alternative frames and framing devices that may result in variation in public opinion, contributing to national image building in the state under study, and promote understanding and relationships between countries.


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On the authors:
Xiufang Li (Leah), PhD Candidate, Centre for International Communication, Dept. of Media, Music and Culture, Macquarie University; Senior Lecturer in Hanshan Normal University. Areas of interests: Visual Communication, International Journalism, National Image Study, Public Diplomacy, Commercial Marketing and Social Marketing, Public Relations, Media Writing and Reporting, Audience and Program Analysis, New Media. She is also a media practitioner with an interest in audience and program analysis, news reporting and documentary production for Television.

Naren Chitty, Professor, Foundation Chair in International Communication, Dept. of Media, Music and Culture, Macquarie University, Australia. Areas of interest: International Public Relations and Public Diplomacy, Media and Foreign Policy, South East Asian Studies, Media and Terrorism, Alternative Media, Media, Political economy and identity under globalisation, Intercultural Competence.