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Instructions for manuscript preparation




Manuscripts can be submitted in either English or German. The length of the manuscript should - depending on the type of manuscript - as a rule be between 5,000 and 12,000 words (including bibliography, tables and footnotes). Each manuscript should include a short abstract of max. 125 words outlining the approach, main arguments and research results. This abstract will be published in both publication languages. If necessary, the German translation of the abstract will be compiled by the editorial staff. In addition, we request 5-6 keywords and a brief biographical note; its form will be left up to the author, but it should include a few key words on the author's research focus and discipline, as well as the postal address and - insofar as available - the URL of the author's Website and the author's eMail address.

Manuscripts can be sent as Word texts or in RTF format by eMail attachment to the editorial address Tables and Figures should not be inserted in the text, but rather be sent as separate files. In order to do justice to our authors' quality expectations, there will be a language editing of manuscripts by non-native-speakers, for which a modest fee will be charged.

Each manuscript should contain:

  • Title page with full title and subtitle (if any). For the purposes of blind refereeing, the full name of each author with current affiliation and full address/phone/fax/eMail details plus short biographical note should be supplied on a separate sheet.
  • Abstract of 100-125 words.
  • 5-6 keywords.
  • Main text and word count - suggested target is 5000-10000 words - as Word files (*.doc) or in RTF format (*.rtf).
  • Text should be written in American spelling and clearly organized, with a clear hierarchy of headings and subheadings (1, 1.1, 1.1.1 etc.).
    • Tables, figures and footnotes in the text should be consecutively numbered.
    • Accentuations in the text should be done by underlining.
    • References should be cited in the text as (author, date: page).
    • An alphabethical references section should follow the text. It must include only titles actually cited or quoted in the text and should be formatted as follows:
      Book: Surname, X.X. & Surname, Y. (year). Title. Place of publication: Publisher.
      Chapter in Book: Surname, X. (year). Title of chapter. In: Surname, Y. & Surname, Z. (eds.), Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher, xx-xxx [page range].
      Journal article: Surname, X. (year). Title of Article. Name of journal, no.), xx-xxx [page range].
      Website: Surname, X. (year). Title of Article. Name of journal, no.), URL (consulted month, year):
  • Tables and figures should be submitted in separate files and their position indicated by a note in the text (i.e. "Figure 1 about here"). All tables and figures should have short discriptive captions and (if applicable) their source(s) typed below them.
    • Tables: Should be submitted as Word-files (*.doc) or in RTF format (*.rtf).
    • Figures: Should be submitted as Excel-, Picture- and/or Powerpoint-files, depending on the type of figure:
      Diagrams (histograms, pie charts etc.): To be submitted as Excel files (*.xls) which - for layout purposes - must include the data on which they are based.
      Images (photographs, scans etc.): To be submitted as picture files (*.psd, *.tif or *.jpeg) with an image resolution of 300 dpi.
      Handpainted graphics: To be created in Powerpoint (in no case in Word) and submitted as Powerpoint-files (*.ppt)